Benjamin Thomas, Sculptor — July 1

Benjamin Thomas – Sculptor
July 1st  – Noon to 4pm GALLERY INDIGENA (TORONTO)
Benjamin Thomas is a wonderfully talented sculptor. His work honours the traditions of the Haudenosaunee, the People of the Longhouse. Ben’s sculpture is about ideas. His messages are political and cultural. They are also about humour and whimsy. He creates images that are compelling, very beautiful and thought-provoking.

Lee Claremont, Painter — July 1 & 2

Lee Claremont – Beyond Colour 
July 1st & 2nd – Noon to 4pm at GALLERY INDIGENA (TORONTO)
Lee is well known for her incredible use of colour and her very distinct and recognizable palette is a rainbow that showers us with a positive sense of emotional energy and healing. Lee also thinks that humour is a great healer and in many of her paintings you can find a sense of playfulness that brings a smile to your heart.

2018 Inuit Art Calendar

In the words of Dorset Fine Arts:
“This iconic calendar has been produced annually since the early 1970’s. People eagerly look forward to the launch of the Cape Dorset Inuit Art calendar which each year, highlights 12 outstanding prints from previous years. Calendars help mark the passage of time. The Cape Dorset prints reproduced in this year’s version subtly suggest through colour and light the changing of the seasons. The prints themselves have changed a lot throughout the years. New techniques have been advanced, young innovative artists have been discovered and different and sometimes daring themes and subjects have been introduced to reflect a certain period in time. Despite these changes, Cape Dorset prints have always maintained an unassuming intimacy. We can become easily attached to the image hanging on the wall when we are checking the dates for birthdays or appointments or special occasions and after 30 days have passed it’s often with reluctance that we turn the page over to reveal a very different image for the following month. Chances are though that the next image will soon begin to captivate us as well. That is the timeless charm of Cape Dorset prints.”