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Artist: Jay Brabant

Category: North West Coast - Masks / Panels / Totem Poles

Medium: Cedar, Paint and Cedar Rope


Size: 21" x 18.5" x 16" (measurement with cedar rope hair 45" height)

Inventory #: 28026

Price: $2200

Kamokwa is a figure in the mythology of Pacific Northwest peoples. Known as "Copper-Maker", he is the god of the undersea world revered by the Kwakwak'wakw and Nuxalk indigenous nations. He has a house under the sea filled with riches, and his name means "wealthy one".

Kumugwe is master of the seals. The posts and beams of his house are living sea lions. Sometimes he appears on the surface of the sea, but his head is so big that it looks like an island. He is responsible for the rising and ebbing of the tides, as well as the riches these tides deposit on beaches, and those claimed by the vagaries of sea weather, both material and human lives. Kumugwe has the power to see into the future, heal the sick and injured, and bestow powers on those whom he favors.

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